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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shakira, EMPIRE review

Black dress Shakira's dancing sucks.  Where's the booty shake?  Also, girls, please don't shoot imaginary webs from your imaginary web shooters when you think you're rocking out.  It looks HORRIBLE!  Maybe because I hate the Longhorns.  
The song is average as is the video, which gives false hope to wannabe musicians everywhere.  "My songs are just as good as what's on the radio", you say.  That's because many songs on the radio are average at best.  Gone are the days where bands get famous from the crowds they bring in playing local clubs, because of talent.  Such as another band out of Boston.  Trying to make ends meet.  Remember when bands where good at playing instruments, wrote lyrical and clever words to songs, and sang them without computer enhancements?  No?  You're probably in your 20's.  Allow me to introduce you to the artistic integrity of The Monkees.  Damn, I'm irritable today. 
On my 'pop' music scale from 1-10, I give it a 6.  Okay?  Slightly better than average.  Of course my 'pop' scale is considerably less critical than other forms of music.  I wouldn't test the learning disability students on the same curve as those in the honor society. 
Seriously, I did love The Monkees.  "A local rock group down the street is trying hard to learn a song...."  Long Live Neil Diamond!!!


  1. The person who composed Pleasant Valley Sunday was actually Carol King. Neil Diamond did write other hits The Monkees had.