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Friday, March 14, 2014

Decline of human intelligence/ Update!!!

Humanity is getting dumber.  It was thought that homosapiens rose to the top of the food chain due to our intellect.  Perhaps as a result of increasing conveniences from technological advances, we may see the decline of our species.  Who knows.  I do know that humans are getting increasingly stupid.   How do I know this?
Designer Dogs.  We are engineering animals that are genetically predispositioned to fail out in the wild.  I cannot see any practical reasons for the existence of these inefficient canines.  

 After some terrible news today, I've come to the realization that designer dogs have one quite substantial positive attribute.  They can't kill a human child.  I suppose it's possible, but I've never heard about it.

Unfortunately, a 9 month old baby was mauled by the family dog.  The dog was an Akita.  While Pit Bull owners everywhere rejoiced at news of the dog being of a different breed, my heart aches for the child.  According to the report, the dog had issues with biting prior to it's murderous progression.  I use the term murderous loosely.  Currently the baby is alive, but in critical condition after suffering severe head trauma.  My prayers go out for the child to make it through without any permanent damage, if that's possible.  The parents have stated that the dog has now been put down at their discretion.  Authorities have yet to confirm this.

During my time as an EMT, I remember one Halloween while completing my clinical in what was then Mesa Lutheran Hospital's emergency room.  A 3 year old girl was brought in by her parents in the morning with her face missing.  Well, it wasn't actually missing.  It was just hanging down below her chin.  I quickly calmed the little girl by putting gloves on, and then putting her face back where it should've been to tell her what a pretty girl she was.  They don't teach you that kind of stuff in a book!

Anyway, the paramedic from the firetruck that brought her in, mentioned to the doctor that it appeared the girl was attacked by the dog.  He pointed out the damage, and how it was consistent with a dog bite.  We were obligated to let animal control know of this.  The doctor asked the parents if they owned a dog.  The couple stated they did own a pit bull, but emphatically denied their dog could have done anything like this.  They went on to say they felt the little girl must have fallen while outside.  The doctor advised them that the injuries appeared to be from a dog, and animal control would be notified as procedure.  At this news, these truly awful people threatened to take their precious little girl out of the hospital, because ain't nobody gonna take their dog away!

The girl finally saw the plastic surgeon, and received the care she needed.  As it turned out, the dog was a source of income in what politicians had decided was an illegal manner.  You know, if I've learned anything from movies, it's that the gladiators of Rome were jailed in between fights just so stuff like this doesn't happen!  I guess the moral of the story is people like this refuse to take the necessary precautions giving gladiatorial battling among animal combatants a bad name.  And now,  no more Saturday evening cockfights for date night!


  1. Cockfights are on Saturdays now?

  2. You should know that pit bulls are sweet and gentle animals. At one point they were the all American dog. Generations of abuse have given these lovely animals a bad reputation. With good ownership, a pit is less likely to attack without provocation then the little Yorkie pictured with the kittens.

    1. LOL!!! I'll take my chances with the Yorkie. Every time I hear anything on the news about someone getting hurt, or worse by a dog, 9.89 times out of 10 it's from a Pit Bull. Maybe it's a media conspiracy. Pit Bulls are the SUV's of the dog world.

    2. Is breathing out Carbon Dioxide considered provocation? Next to the damn Walmart, I see what looks to be a hip hop rally selling Pit Bulls every freaking weekend. There goes the neighbors' hoods, limbs, etc.

  3. I heard about a Pomeranian that killed a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull choked on it to death! Ba dah dah dum!